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B2B Leadforce is a new and different approach to planning, creating and delivering lead generation campaigns. By understanding the problems business encounter when trying to generate new business. B2B Leadforce is a web-based application that cuts your workload, rather than adding to it. 

Multi-channel marketing from one source

B2B Leadforce neatly combines access to the largest  UK single source, multi-channel business marketing database with an application that allows customers to plan and deliver email and telemarketing campaigns.

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The largest UK single source, business marketing database

B2B Leadforce utilises the largest UK single source,  multi-channel business marketing database  (Over 3.6 million UK businesses).  Comprising of mail, telephone, email, fax and contact details of both businesses and senior business decision-makers, B2B Leadforce has over 200% more contact data than its nearest rival.  And, approximately 90% of our email contacts are at an individual level. In order to provide the most comprehensive, accurate and freshest business marketing data source available, B2B Leadforce uses in excess of 90 data feeds and proprietary data matching technologies, including LinkedIn integration. And just to make sure we don't miss anyone, we have a team of employees, on the phones, dedicated to data cleansing.  All our data files are screened against CTPS and TPS, and we are fully compliant with the Data Protection Act.

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Application in the clouds

The B2B lead force application is a Cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, accessed via a web browser from any location in the world. The application allows you unlimited access to the database with the ability to filter data by sector, company size, geographical location, and job role. You will have the ability to create and send email campaigns using easy point and click interface. When you are ready to start making calls, telemarketing call screens manage your leads and provide performance reports. Calls are completely managed, recording 'interested' leads, leads that require a 'call back' and 'never call again' leads. The application provides you with a daily, summarised report of all positive lead outcomes. With this information at your fingertips, you can truly measure how successful your latest campaign has been.

The Pro version allows bespoke Scripts/Questionnaires and Surveys to be created using a point and click interface.  The full flowchart and decision tree process flows are supported.

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